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salary and welfare

for graduates, once employ three years labor contract. company implement post salary pay-for-performance compensation structure, combining with the characteristics of industry and offer competitive compensation, to make employees get a guaranteed high quality life.
social insurance: according to the national policy to pay five social insurance and one housing fund;
traffic subsidies: provide commuter traffic subsidies;
,communication subsidies: according to the work to provide communications subsidies;
meal allowances: employees in the company canteen, enjoy free working lunch and a certain amount of subsidized meals;
physical examination, physical examination every year for employees, let employees have a healthy body;
paid leave: employees in addition to enjoying national general holidays holiday, also can enjoy annual vacation with pay, home leave, vacation;
single apartment and employee activity room: provide single apartment (standard rooms, equipped with basic living supplies and appliances) and employee activity room (equipped with fitness entertainment facilities).
a variety of employee activities: