persennel training -龙8游戏官方进入

persennel training

training is a long-time investment and the upmost driving force of development of company.
in order to improve the organizational capacity of market competition & personnel qualification, to meet the requirement of organizational and personal development finally, sunrui has set up an perfect training system.
with regards to training mechanism, there aredepartmental and corporate level.

new staff training
to improve the staff's sense of belonging, enhance the occupation planning ,   strengthen the knowledge of the company, be familiar with the business process for the implementation of centralized training departments and business departments rotation training objective
the new employee orientation to mentoring, improve the professional technical ability and skill level of employees

on-job training
in the post staff to carry out in order to enhance the competency for the purpose of training, including training
·common base class
·professional technology classs
·this skill class

excellent backbone staff to specialized training institutions or foreign outstanding enterprises for further study, learning and communication.