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sunrui two iso standard proposals approved as new projects
2018-03-09 15:02:00



      recently, two international standard proposals drawn up by sunrui marine environment engineering co., ltd, named “iso 23314 health and risk assessment on ballast water management system using electrolytic method” and “iso 23315 hydrogen safety measures on ballast water management system using electrolytic method” have been officially approved as new projects. this will be the first international standard in the field of ballast water management system using electrolytic method, which filled in the blank around the world. in addition, it is another major breakthrough since sunrui acquired the type approval from usa coast guard(uscg).

      after these two international standard drafts proposed, the member states of iso technical committee on ships and marine technology (iso/tc8) have given enthusiastic response and support, both of two standards are successfully approved as new projects in the committee's work programme, afterwards will be developed under the leadership of sunrui united with 714 research institute. china, japan, usa, russia, denmark and panama of these 6 countries have nominated experts to participate actively in the development of the projects. these two standards will be closely concentrated on international convention requirements of ballast water management as well as urgent demand on how to implement the convention, and will provide significant and reliable technical support for hydrogen safety measures, health and risk assessment in terms of design, installation and risk control requirements on ballasting water management system using electrolytic method.

      the approved proposals not only help sunrui take the initiative in the ballast water management market, but also help china improve discourse power among international maritime circle, moreover, expand the influences of sunrui and other national brands on global shipping industry.  hereafter, as the world’s first standard drafter for ballast water management system using electrolytic method, sunrui will continuously take great efforts to strengthen technical innovation and product improvement, will also offer comprehensive solutions on marine environment for global customers.