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balclor® bwms obtains the first globally revised imo g8 certification with g9 system
2018-04-08 13:36:00


      on april 6, 2018,  sunrui marine environment engineering company ltd (hereinafter referred to as sunrui) ‘s balclor®   ballast water management system (bwms), was issued the new imo g8 & g9 certification by dnv gl, acting on behalf of the norwegian maritime authority (nma). this is another significant milestone for sunrui company after it was the fourth globally and the first in asia to be awarded united states coast guard (uscg) type approval certification. sunrui’s imo revised g8 & g9 certified balclor® bwms uses world’s leading high-performance filtration indirect electrolysis technology, having treatment capacity of 170 �c 8500 m3/h.


      the revised imo g8 guidelines contains significant revisions and more rigorous requirements on ballast water management system compliance, reliability, etc., in comparison to the original guidelines. it is the most comprehensive, rigorous, and authoritative international convention regulation on ballast water management systems. the revised guidelines will be implemented mandatorily and incrementally beginning from october 2018. as the entry into force of the international convention on ballast water, as well as standards and policies of ballast water treatment become more robust, sunrui uses strategic foresight to predict market trends, and increase its competitiveness through continuous technological development and product enhancement. sunrui prioritized the initiative to meet the revised imo g8 approval standards and was able gain breakthrough results. sunrui successfully completed testing with dhi denmark and tuv sud singapore, was issued new g8 certification by dnvgl (acting on behalf of nma), passed imo’s gesamp-bwwg on active substances ’s assessment based imo g9  guideline, and received imo approval.


      as the first globally to be certified under revised imo g8 guidelines with g9 system,  sunrui’s balclor bwms offers an enhanced and reliable ballast water treatment solution to new and refit  vessels. additionally, it offers the highest industry-standard-compliant ballast water treatment solution both presently and in the future, fully demonstrating sunrui’s internationally-leading technological strength and market status in the field of ballast water treatment. having obtained the highest global industry-standard certifications, both the revised imo g8 and uscg type approval, sunrui’s balclor ballast water management system will use its robust technology and products to provide the most preferred solution to clients globally.