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ma yupu, chairman of the board to visit hong kong shipowners
2016-11-10 11:29:00

leaders of the company and the leadership of china merchants energy transportation co., ltd. photo

april 27 to 28, china shipbuilding industry corporation, the director of the seventh two five, qingdao shuangrui chairman ma yupu led the company and general manager of fu hongtian and deputy general manager of the river to hong kong, respectively, visited the china merchants energy transportation co., ltd., sinotrans changhang co., ltd. and hong kong balaguer shipping company, and actively seek the deep cooperation with three large shipowners in the field of ballast water management system.
the visit was a great success and reached the intention of batch ship cooperation, highlighting the hong kong shipowners on the company's full trust and favor, but also for the company to continue to expand in southeast asia and the european market opened a good start.
following successful completion of the united states coast guard (uscg) type ground-based test in november 2015, the company successfully completed its actual ship test on april 12, 2016, and will become the first batch of uscg type approved ballast water management system provider. uscg certification is the world's highest degree of difficulty, the most stringent certification, but also the owners of ballast water equipment to measure the quality and choice of suppliers the most important conditions. at the same time, as the world's leading manufacturer of ballast water management systems and domestic ballast water management industry leader, the company's technological strength and brand advantage has gradually won the industry a high degree of recognition.
to take this opportunity, the company actively responded to china shipbuilding industry corporation "going out" strategic guidelines to further strengthen the foreign ship owners to visit exchange activities for the global distribution of ballast water industry to create more opportunities.