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sunrui and optimarin announce strategic cooperation
2020-03-04 15:14:00


sunrui and optimarin, two of the world leaders in ballast water treatment systems (bwts), have announced a strategic market cooperation to provide a “one stop shop” for shipowners with diverse fleets worldwide, fulfilling increasing demand for both electrolysis and uv based bwts technology.


sunrui marine environment engineering co., ltd is a globally leading marine environmental engineering company producing electrolysis based bwts with unique advantages, such as compacted design, low power consumption and easy installation. the systems are ideally suited for installation on medium to large size vessels. optimarin as, the world’s first uscg approved uv based bwts maker, has accumulated extensive experience in the delivery of reliable uv systems, which, for the most part, are installed on medium to small size vessels. the two companies will now cooperate in the global market, tailoring customized services for different shipowners and vessel types, and going forward consider the possibility of future supply chain and after sales service cooperation.


the general manager of sunrui, mr fu hongtian has emphasized that sunrui’s marketing philosophy is always customer-centric.  he states sunrui realized that when analyzing the competition in the crowded bwts maker market, with shipowners often forced to go through complicated assessment processes of different technologies to figure out potential risks. the collaboration of the two partners will now allow shipowners to simplify the process, reaching an optimal solution of both technology and maker, while benefiting from value-added services.


he comments: “this partnership is first and foremost beneficial to our clients. we believe this cooperation removes a major hurdle for many in the industry that are now racing to comply, but are finding it difficult to make a selection amongst the crowded field of suppliers. this is an exciting development ― for us as suppliers and, more importantly, for our customers across the world.”


according to optimarin ceo leiv kallestad, the partnership will deliver significant benefits for designated customers, and business stakeholders.


he explains: “all mandated vessels must comply with imo and uscg requirements, but not all ships have the same requirements themselves. due to size and ballast demands, some vessels will suit larger, electrolysis technology, while others will benefit from simple, modular uv-based systems. and of course, a single owner could have a variety of those assets within their fleet.


by working together we can, for the first time, offer those companies a complete sales and service one stop shop, where all their needs can be met through a single fleet agreement, with the best available technology on the market. in the current climate, with the pressing need for shipowners to comply with regulations quickly, this simplifies procurement and delivers the long-term peace of mind and performance they need. meanwhile, for optimarin and sunrui, it allows us to leverage one another’s unique strengths and consolidate market position in our target segments. it’s a clear win-win.”


sunrui is a wholly owned subsidiary company of china state shipbuilding company limited (cssc). sunrui is a high-tech integrated engineering company established in 2003, engaged in the research, design, manufacture, engineering, test and project contracting of marine environment corrosion control, water treatment and exhaust gas treatment. sunrui has contracted about 2000 ballast water treatment systems since 2010 and delivered 1200 systems worldwide.


optimarin is one of the most well-known makers in the ballast water treatment industry. since its formation in 1994, optimarin has established a reputation for bringing innovative, flexible and reliable solutions to the market. as the world’s first uscg approved maker, the company is closing in on 1000 systems sold, with about 650 units already installed and fully operational onboard ships.